Armour and guns
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S-125 "Neva-SC" (SA-3"Goa") missile on MAZ-543 chassis

1:72 €26.95
€26.95 (ex.VAT)

Mobile "surface-to-air" missile system

Scale model Special offers

S-125 "Neva" surface-to-air missile system

1:72 €23.80
€23.80 (ex.VAT)

S-125 Neva/PechoraNATO reporting name: SA-3 GoaPeruvian Air Force PechoraTypeshort-range SAM systemPlace of originSoviet UnionService historyIn s...

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"Maresal" (Mk.04) Romanian tank destroyer

1:72 €15.00
€15.00 (ex.VAT)

WWII Self-propelled gun

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